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Experience showed that purchasing a real estate property in Lithuania could be a highly profitable investment and there’s a very beneficial system to do so even if you are a foreigner so no boundaries exist for you. You are free to buy any real estate property whenever you satisfy the seller’s needs. The only exception are agricultural lands, witch needs a local municipality approval. Lithuania is also a member of the EU and NATO witch opens a lot of new opportunities for foreigner investors. Lithuania offers very appealing operating costs. It boasts attractive living costs and an excellent transport network Lithuania is the fifth country worldwide offering the fastest internet connection so you will stay connected at all times. As for a foreigner customer we strongly advice to entrust your problems to a professionals to solve our skilled real estate agents are fully aware of the local market situation in the region and can offer you the best possible service for the most reasonable price.

Lithuania is considered a healthy investment destination involving the minimal risks and the maximum profit possible from your investments since the real estate markets are evolving very rapidly they offer you more and more opportunities in Lithuania every day. The World Bank considers Lithuania a place where it is easy to do business in fact real estate sales have greatly increased in the latest years, due to the EU membership.

Flats in Lithuania are the most popular accommodation – it’s cheap and convenient. There’s a wide variety of flats in Lithuania from 1 to 5 rooms in 5-14 floor blocks. Every person has different needs but we are sure we can find the best solution for you just contact our agent directly and leave you problems for us to handle.

The demand of houses in Lithuania have also increased greatly in the past few years many people exchange their flats for a house outside a city where you can relax get a good rest and just be with nature. Lithuanian banks offer competitive mortgages to foreign investors and provide good interest rates. If you are looking for a house, log-hut or a terraced house or villa we are here help you! Just contact our agent directly and leave you problems for us to handle.

If you are coming to Lithuania for a limited amount of time – you may also consider an opportunity to rent a place to live. Whatever the purpose of your visit is – business trip, holydays, study or living whatever the needs – a flat in the block, cottage, house, log-hut - we’re sure we will find the best solution for you.  Just contact our agent directly and leave you problems for us to handle.

We are sure that by fully dedicating ourselves to the work we are able to fulfil even the most demanding customer’s needs and do everything what is possible to make things right for the client.
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